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The last meeting of the NFPAG was held on August 11, 2007 at 2pm. Fifteen members were present.

Members were welcomed by acting president, Randy McCoy.

The secretary’s report of the July meeting was accepted. **

Next, there was a long and lively discussion about organizational dues. Several motions were proposed and after discussions, were withdrawn because of conflicting proposals of the method of charging/collecting dues. Motions and discussions centered on the following:

  • Putting a hold on dues for 2008
  • Charging $15.00 annually unless someone cannot or will not be able to pay
  • No one will be denied membership because of an inability to pay the dues
  • Those paying annual dues will be voting members
  • Dues should be paid based on fiscal year
  • Dues will be paid annually on September 1st or 30th
  • Prorate dues for those who have paid prior to the agreed annual date

It was decided since there was no agreement on the proposals that the officers should meet to discuss options and bring proposals back to the members to vote on.

 During the discussion of new business, several projects were mentioned:

  • To provide orientation which will enable members to become counselors in order to provide information to those newly diagnosed with Parkinsons
  • Generate member volunteers to provide transportation to those who cannot otherwise attend
  • To hold a fundraiser at the the golf course
  • Create an equipment closet i.e., walkers and wheelchairs
  • To have Steve teach rudimentary sign language to volunteers who will work with those individuals with Parkinsons who cannot speak
  •  To have a booth at the annual Bradley’s Country Store festival in the fall
  • To work on a revised organization brochure

The next meeting will be on October 13, 2007. Time and Place to be announced.

Meeting was adjourned.

**( Due to the open nature of this website, financial information will not be posted here. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the treasurer’s report, please email nfpag1@gmail.com.)

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I would like to extend a warm welcome to members of the North Florida Parkinsons Awareness Group and to those who found us while searching for Parkinsons related information and research. The NFPAG is headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida and serves North Florida, South Georgia and Southeastern Alabama.

This website is designed to act as a central point of information for the NFPAG. Members are encouraged to pass along information and share thoughts or ideas in order to make the website a valuable tool from which we can all benefit. The plan is to have an up to date site filled with information including,

  • Meeting minutes
  • Member Info and Feedback
  • Notification of NFPAG events
  • Info on the latest Clinical Trials and Medications
  • News of legislation with an impact on Parkinsons
  • Exercise Ideas
  • Recipes and Nutritional Planning

These are just a few areas that we can touch on. Member participation and knowledge sharing will be an important part of the NFPAG and this website will help us get our ideas out to all.

If you have any ideas or comments please send me email at nfpag1@gmail.com .

Thank you for your participation and help!

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