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Come experience our therapeutic Music Therapy Movement Program

for persons with Parkinson’s disease!

This is an integrative Music Therapy movement program is specifically designed to address symptoms

of Parkinson’s disease and also other neurologic movement disorders.

This integrative program is based on research and experience designed to help:

improve balance, improve fine/gross motor coordination,

stimulate initiation of movement, reduce rigidity, help improve & coordinate walking gait

and arm swing, and enhance your social support system!

When: Every Friday from 11:15 to 12:15

Where: The Center for Creative Release on 212 Third Ave. (between Thomasville Rd. and North Monroe)


How much: FREE for first class!  $3 per class thereafter ($12 monthly package)

Instructor: Peyton Davis, MT, LNMT; mmpd3@hotmail.com

**Caretakers and family members are welcome to participate in the fun!!

This week:

We are continuing our ballroom dance series and have been having a great time!!

This will continue through the middle of August.

We are fortunate to have Kyle, a professional ballroom dance instructor teaching us beginning skills in foxtrot, waltz, box step, rumba, and tango!

Whether you love to dance or think you lack rhythm…

come surprise yourself at how your body learns to adapt and move!

No prior experience is required to participateJust come and have a great time!

1.  All movement activities are matched to the specific rhythms and carefully selected music to enhance the initiation and  coordination of movement.

2.  Activities begin with simple, isolated movements to prepare for adaptable, complex movements.

3.  All activities are adapted to meet the movement level and skills of each person!


Guest instructors are integrated in parts of the class to provide expert guidance

in stretching, formal ballroom dancing, elements of tai chi/qi gong.

Guest instructors: Kyle (Professional Ballroom Dance instructor)

Rose (Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer)

Louise (Qi Gong Instructor)

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NPF APDA Young Onset PD Conference: www.parkinson.org/yopn


Conference Fee: $30 (includes Evening Welcome Reception, Breakfast, and Lunch)

For more details click here

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Bongo Honk’s, From Sunrise to Lullabies is finished and
available directly from Steve for $10.  The disc contains 14 original songs.  On this release, Steve is backed by very talented musicians and the recording was produced by Winterstone a world class studio.

sandler release

With the holidays in full swing, this cd would make a great gift for a child from a parent or from you grandparents out there!!

All interested parties please contact Steve at ssandler7@comcast.net

Congratulations on the release Steve!!

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We have all been told or have heard other talking about the importance of exercise for Parkinon’s patients. The following are a few videos of a man with PD who has posted his exercise for other to gain some benefit from. Take a look at the videos and see if you find something that might work for you. If you do see something good here, share it with us and let us know how it has helped you.

If you have your own exercise routine or have a few exercises that you really benefit from, share them here and let us all have the opportunity to try them out!

 Part #1

 Part #2

 Part #3

Part #4

Part #5

Part #6

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Take Action

Senate Committee is Considering Defense Spending Bill!

Ask Your Senators Today to Support DoD Parkinson’s Research!
This morning, the U.S. Senate Appropriations Defense Subcommittee marked up the Defense spending bill.  The full Appropriations Committee plans to take up the Defense spending bill Wednesday.  The bill sets the funding levels for all Defense programs, including the Parkinson’s disease research program, Neurotoxin Exposure Treatment Research Program (NETRP).  With your help, we hope to make this year an historic one by securing NETRP Parkinson’s disease research funding in the Senate Defense Appropriations bill for the first time.  As you may know, PAN advocates and our congressional champions have successfully secured NETRP funding each year for ten years through the U.S. House of Representatives version of the Defense bill, but NETRP has never been funded in the Senate bill.  Please take a few minutes to e-mail your senators now to ask they support this essential Parkinson’s disease research! Although the Senate has yet to fund Parkinson’s disease research directly in the Senate Defense bill, they have agreed with their congressional colleagues in conference committee each year that this important research must be funded.  In fact, sixteen senators have already expressed their support for NETRP in April of this year.  Let’s encourage our senators to stand up for Parkinson’s disease research from day one by including Parkinson’s funding directly in the Senate Defense bill!

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Randy forwarded the following recipe to combat constipation.

Version I

Two rounded tablespoons of wheat bran
1/4 cup apple or other fruit juice. Stir until the bran is thoroughly
moistened and some liquid remains.
1/2 cup of applesauce. Warming the mixture in the microwave for
30-60seconds helps soften the bran.

Version II

Two rounded tablespoons of wheat bran
1/4 cup of milk. Stir until the bran is thoroughly moistened and some
liquid remains.
4 oz. of your favorite yoghurt. Warming the mixture in the microwave for
30-60 seconds helps soften the bran.

For smooth sailing, serve twice daily, e.g. after breakfast and dinner.
Follow each serving with a glass of water.

It is noted that wheat bran can be found at Publix in the health food section near the cereal. It can also be found at Fresh Market and probably New Leaf Market as well.

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Randy passed along this note he received,

Dear Randy,

Thank you so much for your newletter web site.  It is a wealth of knowledge and interesting.

If anyone is open to an excellent nutritionist I recommend Henry Hall who has been in business for over thirty years.  He can be reached at 878-4100.

Joan Guilday

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