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Randy forwarded the following recipe to combat constipation.

Version I

Two rounded tablespoons of wheat bran
1/4 cup apple or other fruit juice. Stir until the bran is thoroughly
moistened and some liquid remains.
1/2 cup of applesauce. Warming the mixture in the microwave for
30-60seconds helps soften the bran.

Version II

Two rounded tablespoons of wheat bran
1/4 cup of milk. Stir until the bran is thoroughly moistened and some
liquid remains.
4 oz. of your favorite yoghurt. Warming the mixture in the microwave for
30-60 seconds helps soften the bran.

For smooth sailing, serve twice daily, e.g. after breakfast and dinner.
Follow each serving with a glass of water.

It is noted that wheat bran can be found at Publix in the health food section near the cereal. It can also be found at Fresh Market and probably New Leaf Market as well.

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Green tea is full of antioxidants and has many different varieties with many different flavors! If you are a fan of Chinese food, you may be able to get a serving of green tea ice cream for a delicious dessert with antioxidant power!

The following article can be found by clicking here.


The antioxidants in produce, green tea and garlic seem to bind naturally with iron and copper in the body to prevent damage to DNA, a U.S. study said. Cancer, cardiovascular diseases, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases are often linked to DNA damage that occurs when metal ions in the body such as iron and copper produce reactive oxygen compounds that damage human cells, said lead investigator and chemist Julia Brumaghim, of Clemson University, in South Carolina.“Our studies have shown that antioxidants even at low concentrations found in these foods bind to iron and copper and prevent DNA damage,” Brumaghim said in a statement. “This goes a long way in understanding how antioxidant supplements might help treat or even prevent these debilitating illnesses.”

The Clemson team of chemists presented their research at the 234th annual American Chemical Society national meeting in Boston.

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I would like to extend a warm welcome to members of the North Florida Parkinsons Awareness Group and to those who found us while searching for Parkinsons related information and research. The NFPAG is headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida and serves North Florida, South Georgia and Southeastern Alabama.

This website is designed to act as a central point of information for the NFPAG. Members are encouraged to pass along information and share thoughts or ideas in order to make the website a valuable tool from which we can all benefit. The plan is to have an up to date site filled with information including,

  • Meeting minutes
  • Member Info and Feedback
  • Notification of NFPAG events
  • Info on the latest Clinical Trials and Medications
  • News of legislation with an impact on Parkinsons
  • Exercise Ideas
  • Recipes and Nutritional Planning

These are just a few areas that we can touch on. Member participation and knowledge sharing will be an important part of the NFPAG and this website will help us get our ideas out to all.

If you have any ideas or comments please send me email at nfpag1@gmail.com .

Thank you for your participation and help!

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