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Come experience our therapeutic Music Therapy Movement Program

for persons with Parkinson’s disease!

This is an integrative Music Therapy movement program is specifically designed to address symptoms

of Parkinson’s disease and also other neurologic movement disorders.

This integrative program is based on research and experience designed to help:

improve balance, improve fine/gross motor coordination,

stimulate initiation of movement, reduce rigidity, help improve & coordinate walking gait

and arm swing, and enhance your social support system!

When: Every Friday from 11:15 to 12:15

Where: The Center for Creative Release on 212 Third Ave. (between Thomasville Rd. and North Monroe)


How much: FREE for first class!  $3 per class thereafter ($12 monthly package)

Instructor: Peyton Davis, MT, LNMT; mmpd3@hotmail.com

**Caretakers and family members are welcome to participate in the fun!!

This week:

We are continuing our ballroom dance series and have been having a great time!!

This will continue through the middle of August.

We are fortunate to have Kyle, a professional ballroom dance instructor teaching us beginning skills in foxtrot, waltz, box step, rumba, and tango!

Whether you love to dance or think you lack rhythm…

come surprise yourself at how your body learns to adapt and move!

No prior experience is required to participateJust come and have a great time!

1.  All movement activities are matched to the specific rhythms and carefully selected music to enhance the initiation and  coordination of movement.

2.  Activities begin with simple, isolated movements to prepare for adaptable, complex movements.

3.  All activities are adapted to meet the movement level and skills of each person!


Guest instructors are integrated in parts of the class to provide expert guidance

in stretching, formal ballroom dancing, elements of tai chi/qi gong.

Guest instructors: Kyle (Professional Ballroom Dance instructor)

Rose (Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer)

Louise (Qi Gong Instructor)

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The article can be found at Health and Age’s Website

The First Real Triumph for Gene Therapy – Parkinson’s

Robert W. Griffith, MD

Phase I clinical trials are intended to define the general safety profile of an experimental drug, to enable a dose schedule to be worked out for Phase II efficacy trials. Any indication of effectiveness from a Phase I study is a bonus. According to a report in the medical journal Lancet, the first study to use gene therapy to treat any neurodegenerative disorder – in this case, Parkinson’s disease – showed no toxic effects and 25% to 30% improvement in a specific rating scale after 1 year.

Twelve patients (11 women) with advanced Parkinson’s had the glutamic acid decarboxylase gene delivered directly into the cells of the subthalamic nucleus of the brain. Four patients each received a low, medium or high dose or the preparation. The gene was carried by a harmless adeno-associated virus; it produces gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), an inhibitory neurotransmitter that quiets excessive neuron firing. The injection was done on one side, and the major improvements were seen in the opposite side of the body.

This is indeed a ‘breakthrough’. But the authors believe it carries implications for gene therapy beyond Parkinson’s disease, into a whole realm of neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, Huntingdon’s , and Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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Here is a brief video of a Texas man who has undergone Deep Brain Stimulation.

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